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Any person, family, or organization wishing to designate the Wichita, Kansas Chapter, Us TOO Intl. (aka Prostate Cancer Support Group Wichita), Inc. as the recipient of a contribution as a Memorial to a deceased loved one may do so by providing said contribution to "Wichita, Kansas Chapter, Us TOO Intl., Inc." c/o any Intrust Bank branch or by an Email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The Wichita, Kansas Chapter, Us TOO Intl., Inc. is a not-for-profit, charitable organization under the provisions of Section 501 (c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954. Contributions made to our Chapter or National Headquarters are deductible by donors in computing their taxable income in the manner and to the extent provided in Section 170 of the Internal Revenue Code. Our local chapter treasury consists solely of income derived from contributions.

The following deceased individuals have been recognized by Memorials or by the Extraordinary Contributions of their Time and Service to the Wichita, Kansas Chapter, Us TOO, Intl., Inc.:

Tom Bradley - Long-time Coordinating Committee member; Board Member Emeritus – succumbed to Prostate Cancer.

Yale Cook - Coordinating Committee Member, succumbed to combination of prostate cancer and other illness.

Bill Cox - Former Chairman, Coordinating Committee, succumbed to prostate cancer.

William R. Dakan, Jr. - Former Treasurer, Coordinating Committee, succumbed to prostate cancer

Charles Forrester - Local resident, succumbed to Prostate Cancer

Jim Goetz - Chapter member, succumbed to prostate cancer.

Dr. Robert (Bob) Hustead - Retired Anesthesiologist; Chapter co-founder; Vice-President Chapter Board of Directors; Member Chapter Coordinating Committee; Patient Advocate; Mentor; Words cannot describe the loss experienced by Chapter members of this extremely intelligent, caring physician and friend. Succumbed to illness other than prostate cancer.

John Huffaker -Former Chairman, Coordinating Committee.

Tom Jester - Winfield resident, succumbed to prostate cancer.

Jim McQuilken - Former Coordinating Committee Volunteer.

John Meetz – Succumbed to Lung Cancer.  John was an active member and served on the Board of Directors for several years.

Paul Mounts - Andover resident, succumbed to Prostate Cancer.

Al Murphy - Succumbed to age and associated illnesses. Al will always be remembered for his willingness to volunteer for anything if it meant to improve our prostate cancer support group or help others.  He served for several years as Chairman of the Coordinating Committee and as a member of the Board of Directors and was always there when our Outreach Director, Tom Hankins, had need of someone to accompany him when representing our support group at health fairs carried out by several area churches or other groups in Wichita.

Jack Neighbors - Local resident, succumbed to prostate cancer.

Charlie Peer - Coordinating Committee member and chapter benefactor succumbed to prostate cancer.

Bob Pickens - Chapter member, succumbed to prostate cancer.

Aubrey Pilgrim: A long time prostate cancer advocate who provided counsel on the internet on several prostate cancer support lists. He daily gave of his time, knowledge, and experience for many years. Loved by many worldwide. Passed away June 23, 2008 within two months of diagnosis with grade 4 brain Astrocytoma Glioblastoma.

Gary Porter – During his many years with our Support Group, Gary served as one of the initial corporate members of the Board of Directors upon incorporation in the State of Kansas; Served as Chairman of the Coordinating Committee; Served as technical expert to develop and maintain a video presentation regarding Prostate Cancer. Gary fought a long journey with both prostate cancer and COPD, and it was the latter that eventually took his life. Died March 27th 2018.

David Safarik - Local resident, succumbed to prostate cancer.

May They Rest in Peace